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Roald Dahl is today known as a beloved author of children’s books like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “James and the Giant Peach,” “Matilda,” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.” But before he began his career as an author, Dahl was a decorated World War II flying ace for the Royal Air Force (RAF) and an […]

While conflicts being considered later as parts of World War II were already ravaging the planet, it’s the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 that officially marks the start of the worst conflict of humankind. Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931, only to attack China six years later. Italy had already occupied Ethiopia since 1936, […]

Torpedowaffenplatz Hexengrund, better known today as Torpedownia, is another abandoned Word War II relic left standing in the Baltic Sea in the Bay of Gdansk. This derelict building is a reminder of the dark history of this region. This old, derelict concrete building has an eerie air, and it reminds us of what took place […]

Two months after the D-Day invasion, the US Navy ship SS Richard Montgomery was transporting 6,000 metric tons of explosives from Philadelphia, USA, to France, to supply the Allied forces advancing into Europe. The Montgomery dropped its anchor in the Thames Estuary to wait for a convoy formation that would then make its way to […]

Craig Bowman

During World War II, America produced an odd type of soldier: men who were Hollywood movie stars, but who then left their cushy and wealthy lives to serve their country – people like Jimmy Stewart, Clark Cable, and Kirk Douglas. These men likely could have been released from military duty, considering their fame and fortune, […]

Grumman: In 1956, the US was deep in the throes of the Cold War, concerned that the Soviets could launch an invasion at any time. The US Navy began testing surface-to-air and air-to-air rockets at this time in order to be prepared for whatever might be to come. This testing involved surplus Hellcat fighter planes […]

In 1893 Merian Caldwell Cooper made his debut into world in Jacksonville, Florida.  He grew up during the heyday of silent films and spent as much time as possible sitting in movie houses dreaming about the adventures he saw on the silver screen. At the time he didn’t know it but he would eventually be […]

The Battle of Iwo Jima started on 19th February 1945 and lasted for 35 days by 26th March. However, that was not the real beginning. Japanese HQ was well aware of the importance of the island and preparations to defend it begun in mid-1944. Even before Task Force 58 arrived near the Iwo Jima, a […]

The Karlsruhe, a World War II ship that rests on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, is finally being explored. Why is this relic so special? Many divers and historians believe the wreck may contain the remains of the now-mythical Amber Room, along with other extremely valuable items plundered by Hitler’s armies. While it is […]

The incredible speed of tank development seen during World War II meant armies were developing more effective ways to kill them. On the battlefield, when a tank arrives against an infantry force without anti-tank weaponry, they are virtually invincible. Giving soldiers portable weapons capable of dealing with tanks became essential. Germany invaded the Soviet Union […]

The P-61 Black Widow was an advanced twin-engine twin-boom night fighter that was designed by Northrop. The P-61 was designed from the ground up as a dedicated radar carrying night fighter, the first aircraft in history to do so. With four .50 cals and four 20 mm cannons, the P-61 would become one of the […]