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Imagine fighting in Iraq, equipped with the latest weapons, night vision, thermal optics, backed by jets, helicopters and main battle tanks on the planet, when you come up against an enemy using the same weapons your grandfathers faced in the Second World War. This is a real life situation witnessed by soldiers who served in […]

Tanks are designed to be resistant to most threats on the battlefield, like small arms fire, large calibre weapons, toxic battlefield conditions and not to mention other tanks. Without sufficient firepower, a tank is a terrifying force to be reckoned with. However, while they may be able to survive a hail of machine gun fire, […]

Bourn Airfield in Cambridgeshire may become a construction site for thousands of new homes. An English airfield that played its role in the Second World War is now facing tensions of a different sort… namely, local planning issues! Late last month a proposal to build 3,500 houses at the location received initial approval from South […]

Gurkha soldiers are among the toughest and most resilient in the world.  From Nepal, these soldiers served with the British army beginning in 1815, when the British East India Company invaded Nepal and received heavy casualties. Impressed by the Gurkhas fighting abilities, the British incorporated them into their own forces. The Gurkha fought valiantly in […]

Craig Bowman

By late 1944 and into the beginning of 1945, Adolph Hitler knew Germany was on the brink of total defeat. He couldn’t accept the loss, nor the responsibility, so he killed himself and his bride, Eva Braun. But before that final act, he wanted to make sure he left his country even less accessible to […]

If the spirits of people who die in terrible suffering really continue to roam the Earth as ghosts then certainly battlefields are more likely to be haunted than most places. Here are seven places believed to still be visited by those who died in battle. Gettysburg Gettysburg is the site of the bloodiest battle on […]

In 1944 the Allies of World War II needed to secure several bridges in the Netherlands to keep the Nazis from advancing further.  It would also allow the British army to cross the River Rhine without resistance and make their way into Germany. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, who had been in charge of the […]

Mystery: On the 27th November 1945, a military transport plane vanished without a trace in the Malayan jungle’s depths. With three airmen aboard, the American military transport took off on a routine flight, traveling from Singapore to Penang. This trip should not have presented any problems as the war was over, the weather was good, […]

Brothers in the same branch of the military are not unknown, but two brothers, both members of the Tuskegee Airmen, were unusual. George and Arnold Cisco were raised in rural Jerseyville in Illinois, where they graduated from Jerseyville High in the 1930s. Both men went on to study further. George was granted a Batchelor of […]

One of the last Knights Crosses of the Iron Cross awarded in WW2 was to a French man: Eugene Vaulot, a member of the Waffen-SS. Vaulot served in the ‘Charlemagne’ Division, a group of French volunteers fighting against the Allies, even their own country, under the Third Reich. Around 300 men from this division kept […]

Aircraft Carriers: Throughout naval history, it has been the battleship that dominated on the high seas. Be it the wooden galleys of the Spanish Armada or the revolutionary dreadnought class ships from the early 20th century, all of them had a primary goal – to engage the enemy while remaining safe from their weapons. Half […]

‘The Fleet That Came to Stay’ was released in 1945 and shocked theatregoers with its depiction of deadly kamikaze airstrikes. The movie opens in cinematic style as American troops and matelots alike lean over the rail of a ship. We hear them thinking their thoughts of home, their concerns regarding how close the fleet is […]