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Before World War I, battles took place strictly on land and at sea. Even the finest, sharpest military minds in the world couldn’t imagine in the 19th century that one day, who controlled the skies would determine, to a large extent, who would be victorious in battle, whether in a small skirmish or a global […]

Victoria Cross recipient Frederick Barter was originally denied in his attempt to serve in the military due to his small size. What he would eventually do in battle would show that heroism does not equate to physical stature. Barter was born in Cardiff in Wales. He was turned away from service because he stood only […]

If the spirits of people who die in terrible suffering really continue to roam the Earth as ghosts then certainly battlefields are more likely to be haunted than most places. Here are seven places believed to still be visited by those who died in battle. Gettysburg Gettysburg is the site of the bloodiest battle on […]

In 1893 Merian Caldwell Cooper made his debut into world in Jacksonville, Florida.  He grew up during the heyday of silent films and spent as much time as possible sitting in movie houses dreaming about the adventures he saw on the silver screen. At the time he didn’t know it but he would eventually be […]