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Aircraft Carriers: Throughout naval history, it has been the battleship that dominated on the high seas. Be it the wooden galleys of the Spanish Armada or the revolutionary dreadnought class ships from the early 20th century, all of them had a primary goal – to engage the enemy while remaining safe from their weapons. Half […]

‘The Fleet That Came to Stay’ was released in 1945 and shocked theatregoers with its depiction of deadly kamikaze airstrikes. The movie opens in cinematic style as American troops and matelots alike lean over the rail of a ship. We hear them thinking their thoughts of home, their concerns regarding how close the fleet is […]

Torpedowaffenplatz Hexengrund, better known today as Torpedownia, is another abandoned Word War II relic left standing in the Baltic Sea in the Bay of Gdansk. This derelict building is a reminder of the dark history of this region. This old, derelict concrete building has an eerie air, and it reminds us of what took place […]

Queen Mary: When is a luxury liner no longer a fancy ship for the A-list elite to book as a way to get from one location to another in comfort, class and style? When the country that owns it gets involved in a global conflict, that’s when. When a country goes to war, virtually everything […]

Two months after the D-Day invasion, the US Navy ship SS Richard Montgomery was transporting 6,000 metric tons of explosives from Philadelphia, USA, to France, to supply the Allied forces advancing into Europe. The Montgomery dropped its anchor in the Thames Estuary to wait for a convoy formation that would then make its way to […]

The Karlsruhe, a World War II ship that rests on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, is finally being explored. Why is this relic so special? Many divers and historians believe the wreck may contain the remains of the now-mythical Amber Room, along with other extremely valuable items plundered by Hitler’s armies. While it is […]