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Before World War I, battles took place strictly on land and at sea. Even the finest, sharpest military minds in the world couldn’t imagine in the 19th century that one day, who controlled the skies would determine, to a large extent, who would be victorious in battle, whether in a small skirmish or a global […]

Bourn Airfield in Cambridgeshire may become a construction site for thousands of new homes. An English airfield that played its role in the Second World War is now facing tensions of a different sort… namely, local planning issues! Late last month a proposal to build 3,500 houses at the location received initial approval from South […]

War in Vietnam was the first war where a new kind of aircraft was used on such a wide scale. Since the early 1950s, experiences from Korean War proved that helicopters should share their fair portion in air warfare and no other conflict confirmed it better than Vietnam War. The enemy didn’t fight in conventional […]

Mystery: On the 27th November 1945, a military transport plane vanished without a trace in the Malayan jungle’s depths. With three airmen aboard, the American military transport took off on a routine flight, traveling from Singapore to Penang. This trip should not have presented any problems as the war was over, the weather was good, […]

Brothers in the same branch of the military are not unknown, but two brothers, both members of the Tuskegee Airmen, were unusual. George and Arnold Cisco were raised in rural Jerseyville in Illinois, where they graduated from Jerseyville High in the 1930s. Both men went on to study further. George was granted a Batchelor of […]

‘The Fleet That Came to Stay’ was released in 1945 and shocked theatregoers with its depiction of deadly kamikaze airstrikes. The movie opens in cinematic style as American troops and matelots alike lean over the rail of a ship. We hear them thinking their thoughts of home, their concerns regarding how close the fleet is […]

In 1893 Merian Caldwell Cooper made his debut into world in Jacksonville, Florida.  He grew up during the heyday of silent films and spent as much time as possible sitting in movie houses dreaming about the adventures he saw on the silver screen. At the time he didn’t know it but he would eventually be […]

The P-61 Black Widow was an advanced twin-engine twin-boom night fighter that was designed by Northrop. The P-61 was designed from the ground up as a dedicated radar carrying night fighter, the first aircraft in history to do so. With four .50 cals and four 20 mm cannons, the P-61 would become one of the […]

Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II, better known to the world simply as Warthog is the only plane built by the USAF for the sole purpose of Close Air Support, and it’s good at it. The ground forces are in love and awe for the Hog since 1976, the year it entered service. As an heir of […]