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Jesse Beckett

The Bartini-Beriev VVA-14 was a machine born from the Cold War arms race between the Soviet Union and the West. This time of continuous one-upmanship meant governments were willing to fund ever increasingly more ambitious technologies and ideas in the hopes of gaining an edge over the other. An edge the Soviets wanted was in […]

Two months after the D-Day invasion, the US Navy ship SS Richard Montgomery was transporting 6,000 metric tons of explosives from Philadelphia, USA, to France, to supply the Allied forces advancing into Europe. The Montgomery dropped its anchor in the Thames Estuary to wait for a convoy formation that would then make its way to […]

The Battle of Iwo Jima started on 19th February 1945 and lasted for 35 days by 26th March. However, that was not the real beginning. Japanese HQ was well aware of the importance of the island and preparations to defend it begun in mid-1944. Even before Task Force 58 arrived near the Iwo Jima, a […]

The Karlsruhe, a World War II ship that rests on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, is finally being explored. Why is this relic so special? Many divers and historians believe the wreck may contain the remains of the now-mythical Amber Room, along with other extremely valuable items plundered by Hitler’s armies. While it is […]

The incredible speed of tank development seen during World War II meant armies were developing more effective ways to kill them. On the battlefield, when a tank arrives against an infantry force without anti-tank weaponry, they are virtually invincible. Giving soldiers portable weapons capable of dealing with tanks became essential. Germany invaded the Soviet Union […]

The P-61 Black Widow was an advanced twin-engine twin-boom night fighter that was designed by Northrop. The P-61 was designed from the ground up as a dedicated radar carrying night fighter, the first aircraft in history to do so. With four .50 cals and four 20 mm cannons, the P-61 would become one of the […]