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Before World War I, battles took place strictly on land and at sea. Even the finest, sharpest military minds in the world couldn’t imagine in the 19th century that one day, who controlled the skies would determine, to a large extent, who would be victorious in battle, whether in a small skirmish or a global […]

Gurkha soldiers are among the toughest and most resilient in the world.  From Nepal, these soldiers served with the British army beginning in 1815, when the British East India Company invaded Nepal and received heavy casualties. Impressed by the Gurkhas fighting abilities, the British incorporated them into their own forces. The Gurkha fought valiantly in […]

By late 1944 and into the beginning of 1945, Adolph Hitler knew Germany was on the brink of total defeat. He couldn’t accept the loss, nor the responsibility, so he killed himself and his bride, Eva Braun. But before that final act, he wanted to make sure he left his country even less accessible to […]

Victoria Cross recipient Frederick Barter was originally denied in his attempt to serve in the military due to his small size. What he would eventually do in battle would show that heroism does not equate to physical stature. Barter was born in Cardiff in Wales. He was turned away from service because he stood only […]

If the spirits of people who die in terrible suffering really continue to roam the Earth as ghosts then certainly battlefields are more likely to be haunted than most places. Here are seven places believed to still be visited by those who died in battle. Gettysburg Gettysburg is the site of the bloodiest battle on […]

In 1944 the Allies of World War II needed to secure several bridges in the Netherlands to keep the Nazis from advancing further.  It would also allow the British army to cross the River Rhine without resistance and make their way into Germany. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, who had been in charge of the […]

Mystery: On the 27th November 1945, a military transport plane vanished without a trace in the Malayan jungle’s depths. With three airmen aboard, the American military transport took off on a routine flight, traveling from Singapore to Penang. This trip should not have presented any problems as the war was over, the weather was good, […]

Brothers in the same branch of the military are not unknown, but two brothers, both members of the Tuskegee Airmen, were unusual. George and Arnold Cisco were raised in rural Jerseyville in Illinois, where they graduated from Jerseyville High in the 1930s. Both men went on to study further. George was granted a Batchelor of […]

‘The Fleet That Came to Stay’ was released in 1945 and shocked theatregoers with its depiction of deadly kamikaze airstrikes. The movie opens in cinematic style as American troops and matelots alike lean over the rail of a ship. We hear them thinking their thoughts of home, their concerns regarding how close the fleet is […]

Roald Dahl is today known as a beloved author of children’s books like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “James and the Giant Peach,” “Matilda,” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.” But before he began his career as an author, Dahl was a decorated World War II flying ace for the Royal Air Force (RAF) and an […]

Torpedowaffenplatz Hexengrund, better known today as Torpedownia, is another abandoned Word War II relic left standing in the Baltic Sea in the Bay of Gdansk. This derelict building is a reminder of the dark history of this region. This old, derelict concrete building has an eerie air, and it reminds us of what took place […]

Queen Mary: When is a luxury liner no longer a fancy ship for the A-list elite to book as a way to get from one location to another in comfort, class and style? When the country that owns it gets involved in a global conflict, that’s when. When a country goes to war, virtually everything […]